IOQ 2020-21

15 Selections in Physics, Chemistry & Astronomy Olympiads.

  • 15 Students Qualified for IOQ 2020-21 Part - II INDAIN NATIONAL OLYMPIAD (INO) which includes 8 students in Chemistry, 5 students in Astronomy & 2 students in Physics.
  • Ankan Sarkar & Monil Lodha both are selected in Physics & Chemistry.
  • Kushagra Gupta succeeded in Chemistry & Astronomy both.
  • Harsh Bihany, Navneet Raj, Prakhyaat Prajapat, Swastik Singhal & Pranav Jain qualified for next stage in Chemistry.
  • Arnav Pati, Aditya Vats, Puruhottam Sharma & Dwitimaya Sahoo are qualified in Astronomy

Total Number of students who have been shortlisted for evaluation of answer script in various subjects are 341 in Physics, 310 in Chemistry, 257 in Astronomy Group A & 251 in Astronomy Group B.

Class V

Student NameReliable Roll no.Name of ExamMedal
Aheri Roy20975836NSOGOLD
Aheri Roy20975836IMOGOLD
Aheri Roy20975836IOSGOLD
Aheri Roy20975836IOMGOLD
Ananya Gupta20803090IOSSILVER
Ananya Gupta20803090IOMSILVER
Ananya Gupta20803090IOELGOLD

Class VII

Student NameReliable Roll no.Name of ExamMedal
Anu Patel20975647IOSGOLD
Anu Patel20975647IOMGOLD
Anu Patel20975647NSOGOLD
Anu Patel20975647IMOGOLD
Divyanshi Agarwal20803048ABHOGOLD
Astha Patel20975646IOSSILVER

Class VIII

Student NameReliable Roll no.Name of ExamMedal
Anushka Bannerjeee20803097IOSGOLD
Anushka Bannerjeee20803097IOMGOLD
Eklavya Rathore20803083NSOGOLD
Vallabh Sharma20975549IOSSILVER
Vallabh Sharma20975549IOMSILVER
Vallabh Sharma20975549UCOGOLD

Class x

Student NameName of ExamMedal
Aarushi TripathiIOSGOLD
Aarushi TripathiIOMGOLD