IOQ Olympiad 2020 Result

Splendid success for Reliable classroom students in Olympiads. 15 Selections in Physics, Chemistry & Astronomy

JEE Main result 2021

After producing remarkable results in JEE-Main February 2021 followed by KVPY 2020 where Reliable student Mayank Motwani secured AIR-1 in SA stream, Reliable has continued its legacy of producing top results in National & international level competitive examinations.
Latest results came in the form of 1st stage of International Olympiads. The results of Indian Olympiad Qualifier (IOQ) in Physics, Chemistry & Astronomy were announced by Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT).

Reliable students performed outstandingly well in these exams & total 15 classroom students came out with flying colours which includes 8 students in Chemistry, 5 students in Astronomy & 2 students in Physics.

Ankan Sarkar & Monil Lodha both are selected in Physics & Chemistry subjects while Kushagra Gupta succeeded in Chemistry & Astronomy both. Other students who qualified for next stage in Chemistry are Harsh Bihany, Navneet Raj, Prakhyaat Prajapat, Swastik Singhal & Pranav Jain.other classroom students who triumphed in Astronomy are Arnav Pati, Aditya Vats, Puruhottam Sharma & Dwitimaya Sahoo.

These students have been short listed for IOQ 2020 - 21 Part II (INO). Total Number of students who have been shortlisted for evaluation of answer script in various subjects are 341 in Physics, 310 in Chemistry & 257 in Astronomy Group A & 251 in Astronomy Group B.